Journal History

Engaging Science, Technology, and Society is a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly publication of The Society for Social Studies of Science (4s).  At its 2013 annual conference, 4s collectively recognized the need for an STS journal that is open – to both a broad readership and authors who are engaged in the production of knowledge about science and technology in their social contexts. Throughout 2014, under the committed leadership of Kelly Moore and Gary Lee Downey, 4s Council and the Publications Committee (Wen-Hua Kuo, Abby Kinchy, Ali Kenner, Laurel Smith-Doerr, Stephen Zehr, Paige Miller, and Katie Vann) devised an action plan for the journal. With great fortune, by Fall 2014 they were able to celebrate the incoming leadership of Engaging's inaugural Editor, Daniel Lee Kleinman.   In keeping with 4s's politics, Engaging joins a rare handful rigorously peer-reviewed academic journals that do not charge author processing fees or subscription fees, the so-called "Diamond Model of Open Access."  In this regard we are grateful for the inspiration that we have found in the examples set by our colleagues at such courageous journals as ephemera, IJoC, HAU, and tripleC.  The Society for Social Studies of Science offers Engaging Science, Technology & Society in an effort to foster the development of truly open-access publishing and well-informed critical technoscientific thought and action in society.