The Shapes of Dissent: Protest, Masculinities, and Nuclear Expertise


  • Bruno Strasser
  • Editorial Collective


The author has identified the following error in the published article:


Errata for Strasser, Bruno J. 2022. “The Shapes of Dissent: Masculinities, Protest, and Nuclear Expertise.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 8(1): 105–127.



  • On page 109, in the main copy it should read “Creys-Malville was different from all other existing commercial reactors and was envisioned as a public demonstration that this technology was the way to the future (Le Renard 2018)” rather than Superphénix.



  • On page 112, in the main copy it should read “Public protests against Superphénix began as early as 1976, both around the construction site and in nearby cities.” rather than Creys-Malville.
24 Jun 2022