Publication Genres

Starting with Volume 7 (2021), Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS) will accept submissions in three broad categories: Original Research Articles, Engagements, and Perspectives. We also maintain an open call for Thematic Collections.

Original Research Articles (up to 9000 words, including footnotes, excluding references) will comprise scientific publications that showcase the breadth of STS scholarship. Articles published in ESTS will clearly demonstrate how their contributions advance STS scholarship.

Engagements (2000-6000 words, including footnotes, excluding references) will gather together contributions from various publication genres (e.g. Considering Concepts, Critical Engagements, Debates/Interactions, Traces, etc.) that ESTS has previously published. Please refer to ESTS archives for examples of these. It can also include other genres that experiment with the form of scholarly presentation. If you intend to submit under existing or new genres, we encourage you to consult with the editorial team (email) prior to submission.

Perspectives (2000 words and less) will include topical reflections on matters of interest to more-than-just-STS audiences. Submissions under this category will synthesize STS perspectives on important contemporary issues for broader audiences, including, for example, policy makers and students.

Thematic Collections: ESTS maintains an open call for Thematic Collections, our term for “Special Issues.” Thematic Collections can include contributions across genres listed above. “Guest editors” who propose the Thematic Collection will be responsible for authoring an introduction to the collection. We strongly recommend that guest editors contact the ESTS editorial team (email) at the proposal stage itself (i.e. prior to fully developing contributions to the collection): this allows for editors to offer feedback on developing the Thematic Collection to better align with ESTS’s aims.

All content published in ESTS is peer-reviewed. The exact mechanisms for peer review (e.g. double-blind, single-blind, open, or editorial review) may vary depending on genre and other considerations. Please refer to journal policies for further details.