It’s Important to Go to the Laboratory: Malte Ziewitz Talks with Michael Lynch

  • Malte Ziewitz Cornell University
  • Michael Lynch Cornell University
Keywords: history of STS, Michael Lynch, interview, laboratory, ethnomethodology, parasites, explosive STS


Why would anyone still want to go to the laboratory in 2018? In this interview, Michael Lynch answers this and other questions, reflecting on his own journey in, through, and alongside the field of science and technology studies (STS). Starting from his days as a student of Harold Garfinkel’s at UCLA to more recent times as editor of Social Studies of Science, Lynch talks about the rise of origin stories in the field; the role of ethnomethodology in his thinking; the early days of laboratory studies; why “turns” and “waves” might better be called “spins”; what he learned from David Edge; why we should be skeptical of the presumption that STS enhances the democratization of science; and why it might be time to “blow up STS”––an appealing idea that Malte Ziewitz takes up in his reflection following the interview.
12 Jul 2018