Challenging Power, Constructing Boundaries, and Confronting Anxieties: Michael Kattirtzi Talks with Andrew Stirling

Keywords: interview, Andy Stirling, epistemic diversity, normative commitments, disciplines, reflexivity


In this interview, Andy Stirling talks to Michael Kattirtzi about what initially drew him to Science and Technology Studies, his account of the impact of the Science Wars on the field, and why it matters that STS researchers do not shy away from challenging incumbents. Through a series of thoughtful reflections on his encounters with STS researchers, Stirling arrives at the conclusion that we should not expect the field to reconcile tensions that are more deeply rooted in society. Nonetheless, he hopes that in the future STS researchers will be more open and admitting of a plurality of epistemic perspectives within the field and avoid overly constraining it––all the while as he continues to demonstrate the value of appreciating such epistemic pluralism to policy-makers and stakeholders.  A reflection by Michael Kattirtzi follows the interview.

Author Biography

Michael Kattirtzi, University of Edinburgh
Postdoctoral Researcher, Science,  Technology and Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh
16 Jul 2018