Towards Transnational STS

  • Clément Dréano
  • Noela Invernizzi
  • Duygu Kaşdoğan
  • Ali Kenner
  • Aalok Khandekar
  • Angela Okune
  • Grant Jun Otsuki
  • Sujatha Raman
  • Tim Schütz
  • Federico Vasen
  • Amanda Windle
  • Emily York


Transnational dialogues in STS matter and are at the heart of ESTS, exemplified by this issue. Two Original Research Articles, the first by Lucía Céspedes (2023) and the second co-authored by Gonçalo Santos, Naubahar Sharif, and Jack Linzhou Xing (2023) respectively, consider what is lost in translation—in the practice of astronomy in Argentina, and the translation of ‘STS’ in China’s academic institutions. The thematic collection, TRANSnationalizing STS, will take the reader through STS in Kenya (Okune and Mutuku 2023), Turkey (Alkan, Kaşdoğan, and Erol 2023), Japan (Mohácsi, Otsuki, and St. Pierre 2023), and Ecuador (Albornoz 2023), showcasing new modes and models of doing STS. The thematic collection brings these spaces and places together in enlightening ways, from the way in which the collection first emerged in the exhibitions of STS Across Borders, and Innovating STS through to a reflective interview published on STS-Infrastructures (Khandekar, Fortun, Kaşdoğan, and Okune 2023), and delightful engagements from Michael Fischer (2023a, 2023b, 2023c, 2023d, 2023e, 2023f) and Vivette García-Deister (2023). The latter two engagements provide the reader with insights into STS platforming and infrastructuring experiments. Venture into the STS-Infrastructures for another 73 pages of adjacent supplementary materials including archival writing, interviews, reflections and more. This issue also sees ESTS providing authors with multiple licensing options in our open access publishing model.

31 Aug 2023