On SSK and Conversing with Scientists: Eugénia Rodrigues Talks with Michael J. Mulkay

Eugenia Rodrigues, Michael J. Mulkay


Mike Mulkay takes Eugénia Rodrigues through a journey that revisits his involvement in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge and STS. They talk dates, career moves, foundational work, books, and how it all started with a denied visa application from the US. Running under this formalistic level, though, other themes emerge: the notion of a “field” and its meaning in STS; the observed lack of epistemological and methodological rigor in research practice; Mulkay’s unsuccessful (on his own account) project on the literary forms or his unfazed take on the work produced by the “Edinburgh School.” It is a fascinating expedition and one that reveals some very present-day questions for STS, not least about the meanings of engagement and reflexivity. A reflection by Eugénia Rodrigues follows the interview.


Mike Mulkay; interview; reflexivity; discourse; literary forms; rigor

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17351/ests2018.242

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