Editorial Note of Farewell and Gratitude to ESTS Reviewers

  • Daniel Lee Kleinman Boston University
  • Katie Vann
Keywords: scholarly publishing, peer review, editorial practice, STS


In response to the desire of the governing council of the Society for Social Studies of Science to have an online open access Society journal, we were asked to build Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. We did so and launched the journal in 2015. Today, in December 2020, we write to say farewell, and to thank the many reviewers who selflessly gave their time, energy, and expertise to support the journal and the efforts of other authors. On the eve of our departure, we delight in the strength of ESTS and the quality of papers that have been published over the six annual volumes realized since 2015. And in this moment in history, when so many incentives exist for scholars to confine their energy to self-serving activities and show indifference to the quality of literature produced, the good will and actions of the reviewers who have enabled the development and growth of ESTS are what we deeply appreciate. To those ESTS reviewers who are shown below, Thank You. And to those of you who read this, when you see those listed you should know, “There is someone who demonstrated a commitment to quality STS scholarship and to the field.”

14 Dec 2020